Environmental Projection & Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays

What is Environmental Projection?

Put simply – it’s the projection of video on exterior or outdoor objects.  You have to had seen it by now…buildings, landscapes & other structures take on new & exciting display using environmental video mapping.  Maybe you’ve taken a family trip to Disney – each night they have a fireworks show and project video on the castle to coordinate with the lights and music.  That’s environmental projection!

You can create exciting visual wonderlands, perfect for presenting your sponsors in a whole new way. But do not stop there! When you add in an interactive element to your mapping, you & your guests can interact with projection. 


Video Projection Mapping
Projection Blending - 2 Projectors Blended into 1
Video Blending & Ceiling Projection

Interactive Displays

Imagine this – it’s your wedding day and your bride is walking down a digital moving runway of flowers.  Or you are at a youth gathering and there are video walls or video screen offering  interactive games for kids.  How about marketing?  You can integrate sponsors or donors in building lobbies offering visitors an opportunity to engage and interact with their brand or your own.

If you need to make a big impact, Shaffer Multimedia is who you need for your next interactive or environmental projection project.

Triplex multi-screen video mapping

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