Great staging ideas from the world of concerts & festivals

Electric Daisy Carnival 2013

Produced by Insomniac Events, the Electric Daisy Carnival is known for elaborate scenery, carnival rides, and world-renowned DJs. In 2013, Mountain Productions engineered the main stage for the tour’s Sin City stop, which was held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in June. Able to withstand 90-miles-per-hour winds and constructed of 50 miles of scaffolding, it was the largest structure ever built by the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based staging company. The animatronic owl, provided by the Attraction Services Company of Santa Clarita, California, included a “nest” where the DJs performed.

Dillon Francis

V Squared Labs teamed up with DJ Dillon Francis to create a new stage show featuring a unique Frank Gehry-inspired structure. The empty spaces within the 3-D video DJ booth are lined with a highly reflective mirrored vinyl to bounce video out into the audience, creating an almost psychedelic effect. Virkhaus describes his team’s colorful, twisted work as "Jeff Koons meets Atari 8-bit on a slice of pizza."

Nine Inch Nails’s Tension Tour 2013-2014

Bennett describes his stage design for Nine Inch Nails’s recent shows as “an advanced version of the Lights in the Sky tour,” referring to the band’s 2008 tour, which featured transparent screens and light structures. As the band’s longtime lighting designer, Bennett upgraded the technology this time around, adding a custom-built LED screen developed by video production company Nocturne. In addition to the tour stage, Bennett also created a roadworthy version for the band’s festival appearances—one that was ground-supported and didn’t rely on on-site production restrictions. The concept was based on the Talking Heads movie Stop Making Sense. “You start with an empty stage and build from there through many reveals and dynamics, then into a full-blown rock show.”

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