At Shaffer Multimedia we continue to grow and invest in streamlined cost efficient technology to help serve our client’s needs. Here are some examples of recently purchased products and how they can help with your next function.

Mirror Image 15" Presidential teleprompting system. These work by displaying a reversed image of text onto the mirror above. The result is a presenter keeping eye contact with the audience while seamlessly reading the script from clear mirrors (glass really) that is almost invisible to the audience. Our system will include the computer, software, scan converters and of course a technician to run the show and help your speech sound smooth & flawless!

Elation compushow lighting system with 3D visualizer & Midicon controller. Often times we do shows that have a large amount of lighting, but nothing that warrants a 30K lighting controller. This middle of the road system is great fit!

Speaking of making lighting systems more efficient we present our new wireless DMX transmitter & receiver units. So you want a lighting instrument, say, in a hallway outside the main expo room. But running cable across the floor & entrance just isn’t acceptable. No problem these take care of that. No more wires! We currently have (1) transmitter & (8) receivers, and more to come!

Chauvet goal post Truss system. These our lightweight

truss system that just come in handy for all types of applications.

Check out the image belo

More items will be coming soon, including confriguable staging that will allow clients to break the mold of the square stage. We'll be able to construct a circle, star, or traingle for example! To be announced!!

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