Time for projection mapping & interactive displays!

Projection mapping & interactive displays. It’s not just for big music festivals & art installations. For the un-initiated projection mapping is the process of “mapping” (adjusting angels, dimensions, keystones, etc.) video to a 3D real world structure. In which you can use that structure to display content. Interactive displays uses motion sensors & cameras to allow individuals to interact with a display. The most extreme use of video mapping is done on artichedture, you can see an example of that here.


Neither of these technologies has quieted down on the popularity meter. In fact it becomes even more prevalent as not only an entertainment medium, but as a useful tool. (Allowing clients to visualize in 3D how a new home or product might look for example.) But how do they fit into the corporate landscape?

Well, first they can help build excitement for the launch of a new product or campaign. It can also, create stunning stage backdrops to break you out of the ordinary.

And now you have a whole new way to communicate, engage & deliver! Shaffer Multimedia has recently fabricated custom projection mapping “panels” that added a great new dimension for some recent events. These panels all sit at a 45degree angle which give great viewing to every audience member while also serving as an interesting backdrop in & of itself!

The video below shows these in action and we are in the process of developing even more exciting new shapes & designs! Now just imagine, a presenter is giving a motivational or inspirational speech. And the backdrop behind them is “evolving” to the rhythm of their presentation. This is way beyond a PowerPoint on a screen…

Shaffer Multimedia, and their partnerships with content providers & venues can help take your event to the next level with this technology. Just remember the best projection mapping projects will involve detailed planning ahead of time, the right space, and specific original content produced to “drive it home”!

Take a look at the most recent Francines Friends event where we use mapping to display sponsors & logos on our custom panels.


Below are some more examples of this practice used in the corporate environment to help get the imagination running!

Lets start planning togther to add these technologies & WOW factor for your next event!



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