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2016 promises to be an exciting year full of new possibilities & new uses of technology in creative & entertaining applications in the landscape of event production. The use of LED displays, 3D projection mapping & interactive technology continue to grow and play bigger roles in the corporate & advertising arena.

Shaffer Multimedia has been educating & encouraging the use of these technologies from the beginning, (see our last newsletter explaining this in detail) but today we want to discuss just a few ideas that help Create a general session experience that cuts through the noise and captivates audience.

It is a challenge, especially when there is collaboration with multiple vendors to bring a concept to fruition. The key is choosing a partner who understands both the creative and technical elements of a show. Working with a well-rounded partner allows creative ideas to flow from planning to production, which includes stage design, media systems, content creation, and production management.

Shaffer Multimedia’s approach to creative, technology and engineering has enabled them to understand the technical requirements needed to bring creative concepts to life across any medium. Our team is made up of both technologists and artists, so we’re able to help our clients brainstorm and implement new ideas for their keynotes and general sessions.

Here are some ideas to spark the imagination during the general session planning process:

  • Blend backgrounds with presentations: Intricate stage design requires custom content that doesn’t allow for PowerPoint authors to use the whole canvas. In this case, integrating slide backgrounds with the larger canvas gives the feel of a huge presentation. This coupled with a few full-canvas content changes will immerse attendees in the message.

  • Use the Technology: Often the technology that is brought in to support a conference is barely utilized to its capability. Create a grand entrance for your guest speaker or CEO, and do a product or service reveal. Things that can create excitement and use all those cool tech toys!

  • Interactivity using conference apps: Integrate conference mobile applications with interactive stage content, simultaneously driving event app downloads and participation in important general session moments.

  • Design through-lines: Take the design of the general session to breakout rooms, lounges, and parties. If there is a big curved widescreen, use curved displays in other areas. Carrying the theme throughout will create a seamless show experience for attendees.

  • Content: Think outside the power-point box. There are many exciting new software platforms out there that push the envelope for presentations, making for a more dynamic & engaging speech.

I hope this helps get 2016 off to a fresh & creative start!

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