The public at large has more choices than ever before on where & how to spend their time. And this includes what events they decide to attend. The ability to keep your event fresh is more important than ever. Especially true for benefits where attendance is vital, this also applies to corporate meetings. Where employees may be required to attend, but you still need to hold their attention. So let’s explore some ideas for doing just that!

1: Surprise!! Adding an element of surprise, anything from a flash mob, a treasure hunt, anything to break the “normal” of the day will have people talking.

2: Hire a celebrity! But not to give a speech. Have them work the bar, serve food, or sell raffle tickets? Something where the guests can have a real, honest experience with them instead of waiting in a line to get an autograph signed.

3: Fake out!! Imagine… your event is humming along swimmingly when…the lights go out! The technology goes dark, and the presenter says “Bear with us, I think we’re having technical difficulties” except you’re not, it’s all planned, and at that moment the lights flash, the music booms and you unveil a new product, announce a giveaway, or if you really want to go for it. Have the flash mob start their routine!

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next event, and Shaffer Multimedia looks forward to taking care of all your audio, visual, lighting, and interactive technology needs!

John Shaffer

#audio #lighting #planners #music #visual #attendees #events #flashmob #surprise #props #scenic #staging

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