Presentation pointers...

We’ve all been there, an event that was under produced & not much thought given to the audience, message, or perception. With this in mind let’s take a look at presentation pointers…

1. Use a dark background and light letters for presentations. For PowerPoint presentations and others that involve speaking with a screen, always try and use a dark background—such as black or purple—with light letters, so the letters pop off the screen. An audience will have trouble viewing a presentation with a light background and darker letters no matter the projection lumens or pitch of an LED wall. Also, coordinate with your AVL producer and determine if the presentation will be in 16:9, 4:3, or some other format. 2. Consider what's behind the presenter. We want a podium, sign, or backdrop behind the presenter. What you don't want directly behind the presenter is an informative screen, unless its built into the design & for instance a podium is off to one side. 3. Stage needs As planners we should always ask questions about the logistics of staging, including whether there is a band, and the number of people who will be on the stage. And is there a clear path to and from the stage. 4. Use teleprompters effectively. Teleprompting is a wonderfully effective tool & they should be used in a way where the speaker can have a conversation and look at the audience as they're delivering their message. Rehearse is key because of pacing, you want to make sure the rhythm is in sync, so words are going at a pace that sounds natural.

5. Create a show flow. Think about a show flow and how to integrate service, figure in breaks, and clearing tables so that it's not out of place or awkward during an event.

6. Be strategic when selecting a venue. And always do everything possible to get the day before (if not earlier) for set up.

Yes, I am here to harp again, but it is ever so important. Things to consider are; the availability of sufficient power to do what you want, rigging points, ceiling heights, the functionality of the room (can it be altered & changed to look different then the event that was there the night before) and Internet access with appropriate bandwidth.

*Note; Shaffer Multimedia does free site inspections, so if you are considering going into a venue you haven’t used before, call us! We will meet you and/or will probably know many key aspects about the facility in question anyhow.

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