In case you’ve been on an out-of-state vacation, or hiding in a fallout bunker somewhere. (Hey, I wouldn’t blame you with some things going in in the world). Then you surely were aware of one of the fastest growing & largest music festivals to hit Fort Wayne since…well, forever.

Catering towards the indie rock / millennial crowd the festival attracted over 6500 attendees of all ages who looked to get out & enjoy a different type of fun festival experience. And Shaffer Multimedia was “stoked” (oh man, I’m showing my age) to be a part of the crazy good time!

Early on, there were rider requirements for MGMT (the headlining act). As well as, stipulations that needed to be addressed, such as, the LED wall had to be of a blow through design, weight requirements for rigging on the portable stage. Not to mention the logistics, and where and how the cameras would be positioned.

The whole event was a resounding success, but this blog isn’t to toot our own horn, although, I must say we had many compliments on our work.

But rather to address the fine things that happen with proper communication, organization, and execution to which we were so thankful for, coming from the Middle Waves team.

In the past, we have had a few events where unfortunately the event had some hiccups, where the end result wasn't all that it could have been. This happens to every company all over the world, but I take it very personally to be honest.

However, I must remind myself that there were so many things with those events that could have been easily avoidable. Such as;

Knowing what you’re asking for & having the right people ask for it

  • Can you speak AV? If not, you may want to find someone in your organization that can. It can reduce a lot of miscommunication. Having someone that has just a basic understanding of image ratios, & even a small bit of projection & audio understanding, can make a world of difference. And if you don’t know, ask. It is my personal duty to all of my clients to help educate them on what it is that we do.

Keeping your AV/media company in the loop of any changes

  • Did the expected attendee number change? Does the talent / guest speaker have certain requests? Chances are, even if you think that it would in no way effect the AV, it just might. Don’t assume certain items will be available if not previously requested. Or that computer files will automatically play without issue. We always try to have back-up items on hand, but it’s no substitute for preparation. The amount of time allotted for run through and rehearsals are directly related to the success of your event.

Keeping your expectations & communication open

  • Last year we provided services for a client. During the event, I periodically asked if all was well. I was told everything was great. Then, when the event came around this year, I was told something completely different. Perhaps you're wondering why i would divulge such information. My point is this: we could have easily taken care of any concerns at that moment had they been expressed right then. Instead, I was given false information & dishonest expectations, then told they weren’t happy. This is why this last bullet point is so vital.

So, how does this apply to the recent Middle Waves event? The fact that all of this was done and followed through by their team. The number of emails, texts, & phone calls between myself, the stage manager, the event coordinator, the artists management, & everyone in between was bursting! And that is more than OK. In fact, it is preferred. As a result, the Middle Waves event & Shaffer Multimedia came through with flying LED colors!!

Take a look at a time lapse set up here:

Need an LED screen, projection, audio or lighting for your event?


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